Monday, December 17, 2012

It occurred to me while studying for comps. We can reduce the expense
of Medicare by increasing its rolls. Lets draw a line in the sand.
Every American citizen born after 31 December 2019 will get Medicare
from birth for life. We will implement the best preventive medicine
practices so these children grow up to be America's healthiest
generation. We gradually phase out Medicaid as it becomes redundant,
and as the healthiest generation ages, the cost of care falls.

You're welcome.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

A Post-Sandy Marathon

Should the NY Marathon be held this year? I have mixed feelings. Holding the marathon on Sunday won't change the fact that in a week or two the haves will go on with their lives, and the havenots will continue to suffer as they drop out of the news limelight. Wall St. opening  Wednesday also took city resources that could be used elsewhere.
There are thousands of tragedies every week in this city. This week we were all forced to pay attention. Help those in need every week, even those left homeless because they chose to live on land reclaimed from a salt water marsh.

On a side note, thanks SI borough president Mr. Molinaro for your words of wisdom. You don't get to call the marathon a parade until you have run one.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Birthday Self Assesment

As I sit in grand rounds between patients, I think of the road I am on. Barring an extreme act of self-sabotage, in six months I will be treating patients in our acupuncture clinic. Over the next nine months I will upgrade myself from Half-Ironman to Ironman status. It looks like the making of another fantastic year. Thank you friends and family for this system of good. My patients, clients, the Young Runners, and I thank you for the good vibes.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Only a year until...

A year from today I am scheduled to race the Ironman U.S. Championship. I wanted a challenge so I gave myself one. What better a way to balance neurotransmitters and hormones than by training the girth away? I hope to reach race weight by November, but right now it looks like it will be a challenge. Besides, I should be getting ready for my finals on Tuesday. Instead, I'm posting to my blog.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

On Death and Triathlons

On Monday, Manhattan Borough president Scott Stringer said in a press release, "New Yorkers signed up for a triathlon -- not a game of Russian roulette." Since the probability of getting shot in a solo game of Russian roulette  is approximately 1:6, and the probability of getting shot in a game game played with others is even higher, I'll take the odds of death by NYC Tri over Russian Roulette on any Sunday. These people died doing what they wanted to be doing. How are you planning to go out, Mr. Stringer?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

On needling

"...We are taking an inanimate object -a needle- and making it a living
extension of ourselves, so we must put our whole body behind it."
"...The skillful hand comes firm the complete integration of one's
will, physical energy, and posture. This is why we have to center
ourselves in our lower abdomen, breathe deeply and evenly, and empty
our minds. Our mind has to be serene and our body must be rooted and
immovable like a great tree."
Sorei Yanagiya
Founder of Meridian Therapy

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Our practical is in a month. As the anxiety builds, I wonder if I will suffer a stroke or a heart attack first. I dream of feel confident enough about my skills to saunter into my exam, perform the skill set, and leave without a care in the world. I am counting on a pre-exam swim to take the edge off. I hope Dr. Ratey is right in his book Spark.