Monday, January 19, 2015

So you want to run the BKLYN Half.

So you want to run the BKLYN Half, "New York Road Runner's "marquee race in Brooklyn". Registration for this year's race opens on 21 January 2015. The easiest way to secure your entry is to register with Team for Kids. In return for $300 in fundraising you get a secured spot in the race.

You can also simply register the old fashioned way. This race is first come, first serve. Expect it to sell out in under two or three days this year.

First, as soon as possible, log in to your MyNYRR account. Don't have one? Create one now.

Accept the Participant and Volunteer waivers if you get a pop-up asking you to do so. Make sure all your information is correct, including your default credit card. Now you are already ahead of the pack. You can now exit MyNYRR. Plan to return on 1/21. Registration is expected to open at noon.

Now go to the Races and Events section of the NYRR site. View the 2015 Race Calendar, find and bookmark the Brooklyn Half page so you can back to it quickly on Wednesday.

On Wednesday a little before noon, log in to your MyNYRR account. Once you are in, visit the Brooklyn Half Page. It by now it should say when registration opens.



Monday, January 05, 2015

Swimming in NYC

Training for triathlons can be tricky. With three disciplines to juggle, finding a time and a place to practice one's swimming. biking, and running can be challenging. Something I wish I had as a beginner was a list of pools in New York. Rather than listing pools here, I am going to try to describe and rate pools I have visited in the city. Stay tuned...